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Tips and Information

The Breed

There's many books and references available for the Shih Tzu owner, but here's a link provided by AKC with their description of the standard for the Breed.

Here's another link on Shih Tzu Breed information:
Non Shedding/ Hypoallergenic  ???
Here's a link with a good description and our take on the on the matter.

The Shih Tzu is a companion pet. It is not suitable for life outdoors. This breed needs to spend the majority of it's time indoors, because it cannot endure extreme temperatures ( Cold or Heat). The Shih Tzu has a long double coat that requires grooming at least once every two months. The Shih Tzu does require some exercise, but is very adaptable to apartment or smaller area living. We also suggest having you new pet vet checked within 3 business days of bringing him/her home and then at least an annual visit to stay up to date on vaccinations.

Table Food
We suggest only feeding your Shih Tzu quality pet food and treats. Feeding your pet table food or scraps  not only becomes a nutrition problem, but also starts interruptions at the dinner table for others.

Puppy Training
Life style and work can make house training your pet a challenge. Most pups do not have the physical ability to control themselves until 4 to 5 months of age. Feeding them at the same time of the day and frequents trips outdoors will speed up the training period. For some, pad training is the only option. Most of our pups leave here with a good start at pad training. Rewarding them for good behavior is key, while having the patience to stay cool when they don't do so well! :) With patience, everyone will be happy with the results in the end if given proper time and attention. 
We suggest feeding your Shih Tzu a quality food. Check the ingredients to make sure that fillers such a corn are not listed as the first (Primary) ingredient. We also used water bottles or "Lixit" for fresh water. The Shih Tzu breed has a beard that gets a bit soiled when drinking from a bowl. The water bottle or Lixit extends the time between cleaning the pups beard.
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